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News 26 Oct 2020

F3 Asian Championship announces plans for condensed UAE-based 2021 calendar

• Proposed calendar sees five back-to-back rounds in Abu Dhabi and Dubai commencing January 23

• Compact schedule designed to minimise travel and quarantining in face of worldwide restrictions

• Organizers currently canvassing teams on proposed format

The F3 Asian Championship certified by FIA has unveiled a proposed 2021 calendar which would see five back-to-back races run at the Dubai Autodrome and the Yas Marina Circuit in Abu Dhabi. The season would commence on January 23, and conclude on February 20.

The proposed schedule has been designed to enable drivers and teams to base themselves in the UAE for a five-week period during which 15 races would be run over five rounds on the two FIA Grade 1 circuits. The possibility of utilizing a second configuration of the Yas Marina Circuit would qualify the top nine championship finishers to earn FIA Super Licence points.

Commented Davide De Gobbi, General Manager of Top Speed: “Under the prevailing restrictions on travel and quarantine requirements brought about by the pandemic, we believe a condensed, Middle East-based season could be an attractive proposition for teams and drivers. The mid-January starts offers the potential for teams to ship their cars to the UAE, while open entry to and travel between Abu Dhabi and Dubai negates the need to quarantine during the season.”

The championship is currently canvassing teams on the proposed calendar, and the FIA has offered no objection to the format given the impact on motorsport worldwide brought by the pandemic.



Date Venue Event
January 22-23 Yas Marina Circuit, UAE Round 1 (Races 1-3)
January 29-30 Dubai Autodrome, UAE Round 2 (Races 4-6)
February 5-6 Yas Marina Circuit, UAE Round 3 (Races 7-9)
February 12-13 Dubai Autodrome, UAE Round 4 (Races 10-12)
February 19-20 Yas Marina Circuit, UAE Round 5 (Races 13-15)


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