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HaloPolymer, OJSC is one of the world’s largest producers of fluoropolymer products (9% of the world market) and the only Russian producer of specialized fluoropolymers (melt processable fluoroplastics and fluoroprenes).

The company is Russia’s Number One producer of freons, and one of the leaders in production of inorganic chemistry materials (acids, alkalis, salts).

In 2010 HaloPolymer’s enterprises produced over 7,000 tonnes of fluoropolymers, 10.2 tonnes of freons, and 286,000 tonnes of inorganic chemistry products.

Due to the unique complex of chemical characteristics fluoropolymer production of HaloPolymer enterprises is widely used in various branches of industry (mechanical industry, electrical engineering, car manufacturing, nuclear power engineering, etc.). In order to maintain their leading position, HaloPolymer’s enterprises constantly improve their products. The company’s strategy targets one of the most promising areas of polymer business – the market of specialized polymers, such as melt processable fluoroplastics and fluoroprenes. The company’s specialists have already developed and launched the production of an extended product portfolio

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